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Bill Peters, Manky Maps

About Manky Maps

The map that loves the great outdoors.

Hi, I’m Bill Peters, owner and operator of Manky Maps.


The idea for the business came about while riding MTB at the world famous Redwoods Forest, Rotorua, New Zealand. It was 2010, three fun seeking chaps were having a blast on the trails but became a little frustrated with folding up the paper map. Whilst riding we discussed various ways of speeding up the navigation process. Constantly having to fold paper maps in the correct sequence is neither easy nor adrenaline fuelled!

We considered various approaches but settled on a strong, yet gentle cloth that would go through the wash with your riding gear and be scrunched up and stowed in a hurry between trails. Something that could get as “manky” as we did whilst blasting around the trails. 

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