noun, plural - man·kys.

- a map that loves the great outdoors.

Origin: 2010;

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Q: Do you offer a design service or just a printing service?


A: We offer both.  If your design is print ready we will act as a printer for you.


If you have an idea or a brief we will work with you to make it a reality.  Our design team have a keen eye and love a challenge.


Q: How flexible can I be with size, shape and edge finishes?


A: Providing the run size is reasonable the size can be whatever you desire.  Standard sizes we use often include:


-160mm x 200mm (iPad/A5 equivalent)

-210mm x 300mm (A4 equivalent)

-305mm x 432mm (A3 equivalent)

-530mm x 375mm (Redwoods size)


Shape is typically rectangular but a dye with curves and specific cuts can be created if the run size is sufficient and on going.  Corners can be rounded or straight cut.


Edge finshes available are overlock, straight cut and zigzag


Q: How much do they cost?  


A:  Prices vary depending on design requirements and run size.  Please tell us what you need and we will quote.


Q: How quickly can I get my goods?


A: From design sign off to delivery we allow 4 weeks.  It is usually less but early is never a problem right?


Q: What is the minimum order?


A: We can do initial runs of 50 Mankys upwards.  Significant price savings are available with larger volumes.



                                                       Less downtime, More playtime!!